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TO1 Rebuild for Owens Corning Canada

Owens Corning Canada - TO1 Rebuild

Roberts Onsite was contracted by Owens Corning to perform a complete rebuild of their TO1 forming conveyor.  Our multi-trade team performed as much work as possible in advance to prepare for the scheduled shutdown.  During the 45 day shutdown our team worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week to complete this project. Initially our team isolated and removed all the equipment in the working area, including the Fiberizer machines, all support structure systems, end and side walls of the machines, existing conveyor belts and all associated piping.  These were replaced with modern, energy efficient machines that were designed to be more protective of the surrounding environment and increase productivity.  New support steel was installed, the alignment of all the components had to be within 1mm over 100’ verified by SSOE Consulting and Owens Corning engineering.  Due to the corrosive environment which deteriorated the existing steel we replaced 920 sq. ft. of building steel from beams to deck plates that supports the forming conveyor. Our piping division reinstalled all gas piping from the mains to the burner nozzles.  They also added a new piping system that would inject corn starch into the process freeing up the use of expensive and corrosive chemicals.  The start-up of the installed equipment went smoothly and was completed on time and without incident.


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